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Gaining Productivity In Web Development Through Scrum

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Using scrum in web development has been a beneficial technique for web development companies. Here is what this technique offers to the tech world.

There was a time when a single person would create the most goods for the market.

This was back in the early 1700s where a master craftsman would have a high repute in a town for their craftsmanship.

Then, people knew which product was a work of which person and the craftsman knew all of their products.

Now, mass production has broken the work of a single person into several people, assigning them small tasks.

This way, everyone is performing their single step over and over again, leading to quicker production, something that we see in an automobile assembly line.

Web development was a similar process until the web development companies uplifted their methods.

You see, when mass productions started and people were assigned small steps to carry out to build a larger product, this was an efficient thing to do. However, it took away the feeling of accomplishment, something that earlier craftsmen enjoyed.

Now employees were merely repeating a process throughout the day, coming back the next day to start over.

Fortunately, the latest methods in web development have combined these two types of processes. So now, developers in web development services can divide their work and still feel proud of the work they do to achieve a greater goal.

In web development, this is the result of the agile methodology, and here the discussion is on one of its several frameworks, Scrum.

Through scrum, web developers achieve a high-quality product, efficiently accomplished by a team that has a sense of responsibility and pride.

For those who have been using Scrum know how thrilling the results can be because of this. With this work method, team interaction and cohesiveness improve because of larger opportunities for communication.

Through this, web development companies have gone on to create great software products in a short time, a work credited to all the teams involved.

Scrum’s History in Web Development

It was back in the 90s when Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber started the idea of developing a new work technique in their company called Advanced Development Methods. Now, this technique defines the workflow of great multinational corporations like Google and IBM.

Interestingly, web development is not the only area that utilizes scrum to define their working system.

The technique has manifested itself into journalism, construction, and a lot of other areas. This is a work method that accelerates human work effort, regardless of which sector of business it is.

The beautiful part of Scrum is that it does not consider how large or small your team is.

If you are willing to adopt it, then there is always going to be a way for it to work for you. Sutherland also talked about this in his book “Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice The Work In Half The Time”.

The way it works is that it integrates itself with goals, accountability, and celebration and rewards.

It focusses on our need to strive towards an attainable goal, rather than making us work at a repetitive assembly line. So, how does this work in web development?

How Does It Benefit Web Development?

Some would say that Scrum has unified its web development departments so now they are a cohesive team. Truth is, this is exactly one of the key features of this system when it comes to web development companies.

It speeds up the work process of web development services, so now companies can grab more work and increase their production rate.

Obstacle and bug fixes improve as well. Interestingly, although the work rate improves, the quality does not take a hit, and development firms can continue to deliver a high-quality product.

Let’s take a deeper look into how Scrum truly impacts a firm in their daily work routine.


As discussed above, unlike a typical assembly line where people work on monotonous job day-in and day-out, scrum made things better through combination.

In web development, team members must see the result of their work effort by showing them the product they built.

As a team, the final product should be given a retrospective to acknowledge the good and the bad.

What went right for the teams and went wrong, should be discussed and members should make the implementation of such changes in the next projects.


Scrum software is available for web development teams that document and help keep up the team productivity.

The methodology uses a Scrum board that keeps track of all Stories and what is assigned to whom. Stories are how a project is divided into sections for all departments.

There is a Story for every team member and it moves through a series of columns on the scrum board. This board consists of the following: To-Do, Team Review, and Client Review and Done.

Through this progress board, the whole team can track progress and manage their sprints, which work cycles of one to three weeks. This way teams are more aware of the status of the project and how much longer will it take.


Since web development involves many departments from development to testing to design and copywriting, the Stand-up meetings are cross-functional. Here, everyone discusses what they are working on to stay on the same page.

It is best if people know what other departments are working on as it forms the thorough communication which is much needed in this field, and also a requirement in Scrum.

Yes, due to the Stories, all departments have something different to work on but because of such a discussion, scrum ensures inclusion of the whole team.

Due to such inclusiveness, sometimes developers can involve themselves in discussions for designs, while designers can discuss marketing and content plans.


In short, web development becomes a lot easier when you integrate Scrum as a culture. It offers high-quality web development services and makes it easier for the teams to identify issues and work on improvements.

Perhaps most important is that it allows a team to build a great product by distributing the work and still be able to feel proud at the end of it.

As you might have noticed, nothing that was discussed here can be applied to other sectors of business.

Regardless if you are in engineering, web development, or a corporate field, scrum can work for you.

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