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Types Of Different Rakhis To Buy For Your Cool Bro On Raksha Bandhan

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This year, Rakhi falls on the 3rd of august, Monday. So, have you started looking for the respective things you will need to celebrate this day? I mean, if you are brother, then you might be looking for gift ideas to present to your sister, and if you are a sister, then your search would be for a perfect rakhi that will suit your amazing brother, right?

The festival of Rakhi holds so many emotions for siblings that one simply cannot tie any rakhi that comes to the sight. It is not just any strand of thread, but you can consider it as a string of love that sisters have for their bros. Oh, then what all that fight? That’s common in all siblings, but that does not mean they don’t love each other. Don’t believe me? Then what is the concept of Rakhi all about? Why would we celebrate it at all? Actually, siblings can’t just run around telling that they love each other, no, absolutely not, that’s not what siblings are for, right? It’s their honor to give the impression that they won’t miss a chance to kill each other. But, in reality, they know they cannot survive a day without any one of them. And that’s why we celebrate Rakhi. It is an unsaid way of sharing love. The festival is celebrated by brother and sister, and that simple-looking thread is actually symbolic of sister’s care and love for their bro. We consider that this Rakhi or amulet will keep brothers away from negativity. So, when you send Rakhi to your brother, it should be as unique as your brother and should reflect his personality. That is why there are so many different rakhi options available in the market because every brother is special. Today, I have prepared a list of mostly found rakhi options available for you.

Flower motif rakhi

Let’s start the list with the most basic rakhi option; the flowery Rakhi. This Rakhi is easily available everywhere, irrespective of the place you live in. As we know that flowers look beautiful on everything they are stuck to, the same is the case with this type of Rakhi. It is basically a thread that has beautiful flower motifs. The designs are really simple and subtle, and you don’t need to spend much on this one.

Cartoon rakhi

Here is another rakhi idea that is most easily found in the markets. It is a cartoon rakhi, and it is most liked by kids. If you have a little brother who is fond of cartoons and keeps sticking to the television, then this is the Rakhi you should be buying. Pick up a rakhi in his favorite cartoon character and see him rejoice with a smile. In case you are not able to find his favorite cartoon character in the market. Order rakhi online & send rakhi to Chandigarh because there is nothing that you can not find online. Tying his favorite Rakhi will keep him adorn it on his wrist for days and weeks.

Silver rakhi

then comes a very elegant version of rakhis that is a silver rakhi. Now, I must say that silver rakhi does look really stunning simply because of its silverwork with the gems and beads. The shine will make it look gorgeous on his wrist. You can buy a pure silver version or the one with silver polish. Let me assure you that both have the same stunning shine. You may buy this one if your brother is a bit mature because you would not want him to lose it.

American diamonds rakhi

Another rakhi that is simply gorgeous because it is crafted with unique American diamonds. It comes in different colors and is an elegant approach towards Rakhi. The royal feels that it might insist your bro to tie for a longer time. Also, this type of Rakhi is sturdy because of the stonework. Your brother deserves a royal feel at least one in a year. Again I would suggest you buy it if you are sure that your brother doesn’t tend to lose things easily because this type of Rakhi may charge you a little extra.

This is the list of different rakhis that can be bought for your cool brother. There are many more options that might excite your bro, but these are the most liked ones.

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