How to rectify QuickBooks POS Error Code 3170

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This article will help you in providing all successive details related to QuickBooks POS Error 3170. Here we offer valuable solutions so that the users can easily fix this technical error issue.

QuickBooks POS Error 3170 occurs whilst users trying to edit or want to make adjustments in a client/seller list and in that case the processing stops running.

However, QuickBooks software additionally encourages its users with the choice of web-based saving money in distinctive ways. Even this keeps a higher track of the made interactions.

Below are a number of the mentioned reasons in addition to easy and appropriate answers to fix this error.


The root reasons of QuickBooks POS Error 3170

There may be several viable motives that can cause these POS errors. Here are some of the reasons in the back of this error code 3170 which are listed down:


This is mainly due to while the user wants to change a seller/purchaser listing object and it is not performed or corporate files get corrupt.

  • When your lively packages crash on Windows, 3170 will appear as an error code. The downloading process corrupts or plays an inappropriate configuration of QuickBooks programs.
  • The other applications may be harmful or it is wrongly excluded from QuickBooks-related records.

For instance, in runtime errors, 3170, a blunder of blunders 3170 brought about with the aid of numerous variables, and it’s far important that we put money into any imaginable problem that keeps repeating over and over again.

Some of the steps provided on this blog want to take steps that lead to irreversible modifications. So, it indicates which you have QuickBooks POS backup and QuickBooks Desktop backup earlier than going through the stairs listed.

Get more information on QuickBooks Desktop trial versions. Here you can get all successive information about paid and unpaid trialing versions of QuickBooks accounting software.

Solutions to repair QuickBooks POS Error 3170

Users must be wondering a way to repair this mistake. To fixation of this error code you need to follow some of the fast solutions which might be applicable and easy to carry out:

Solution 1

  • Initially, observe or undergo QuickBooks Desktop POS within the Activity Log.
  • Both customer/dealer names are in line until this mistake takes place in 3140.
  • Now you need to carry out the below-noted steps if none then you could undergo another choice.
  • Click at the right column of a client list from the main menu of a Point of Sales.
  • Next, pick out the fame to locate your listing and then search for any purchaser name through clicking on the QuickBooks header file.
  • You can undergo the dealer list by following the same procedure.
  • After that, click at the QuickBooks Desktop to sign in your call as vendor/ client.
  • Click at the patron center inside the client’s fundamental menu.
  • Now click at the call which is indexed beneath the activity log.
  • Hit the edit option.
  • Go to the menu and add a numeric quantity as “1” and click on the Ok button in order to complete the processes.
  • Now everything units to run the program for economic trade
  • After that, double-click on the edit menu that guides you to delete numeric “1” after which hit Ok button
  • This also facilitates to combine with QuickBooks customer or supplier this is created by way of economic trade
  • Finally, hit the “Yes” alternative and make sure you consider all phrases and conditions.

Solution 2

  • The above-discussed description takes place whilst you encounter a blunders code earlier than the mistake consists of the name of the client/supplier.
  • If nothing suggests any adjustments then it suggests you carry out the extra steps which can be mentioned below.
  • In case, the call already exists, discover the consumer/seller name then perform the further steps in an effort to restore this error.
  • The very first open QuickBooks Desktop POS and then pick the purchaser list
  • Right-click at the noted column
  • Now choose client tab and select the QuickBooks Status
  • After that, find out the given list and search for the client call
  • Next, pick the QuickBooks Status heading alongside the popularity of mistakes or not posting
  • You can perform an equal procedure in the supplier listing.

Solution 3

  • The first actual edit of the name of the client/supplier below the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Initially, pick out the consumer center within the foremost menu of the customer.
  • After that, perform the same under the vendor listing and then dealer center.
  • Right-click at the Activity log and pick out the edit option.
  • Now add the numeric “1” at the end of a selected call and hit the Ok button.
  • Finally, run the monetary change program.


In case all the solutions stated above are unable to successfully resolve the issue which includes QuickBooks POS Error code 3170 then contact our specialists or masters to fix the issue in an effective manner. Contact our team anytime where you are willing to get expert assistance from our team. By contacting our professionals you can easily settle down all your queries in just a few seconds.

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