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The Live Lounge apk is an application made for android users specially. When accessing the IPTV the above allocation can be taken. All together you could access up to 1000 IPTV channels out of the above from the above apk.

Plus the above app is a great substitution for the expensive other operators. Note down this. The above app is only compatible along with Android OS devices. So you could use it with the smartphone, tablet, pc or with the fire tv and firestick. 

 There you can watch tv channels, movies and tv series with the help of the live lounge apk. Actually, you have to use two apps for the above different tasks. Now you can use only a single app for three different tasks.

I think you have got an idea about the above app by the short paragraphs I told in the above. You have a brief idea about the apps. Then we will see the technical details of the app. 

 The live lounge apk is about a 16 MB sized app. And the latest version of the app is 9.0.4. The live lounge. I have offered the app for the users. Now the app has performed about 10,000,000 downloads so far.

In order to work with the app, you are required with a device along with android version 5 or a grater. Plus the live lounge can be categorized as an entertainment app. Now you know the technical details as well. Then after we will pay attention to the method that we can download and install the above app into our android device. 

Download and install the live lounge apk  

 You could use the given download links for the installation of the above app. Then follow a Manual way to install the app onto the Android device. 


  1.  Download the app by using the above download links 
  2. Then enable the unknown sources from the settings folder. Don’t miss this step. 
  3. Then click on the install by agreeing with the necessary permissions. 
  4. Then your work has finished now. Work with the app. 

   By following the above steps you can install the above app successfully. Then we will pay our attention to the features of the app. 

Yes Player for Live lounge APK

You can stream movies and TV shows in HD quality with the Yes player app. This is a free android app developed for movie streaming app. After installing the Live lounge APK you can download and install yes player from the official website. Then after that, you can stream everything in HD quality

Features of the live lounge app

  • Multiple genres.

   Here there are more unlimited records. Therefore there are various categories of the library. There are items of sports, entertainment, kids, and others. 

  • Free app.

   All the services offered by the above app for free. Therefore you don’t have to make any payment. 

  • Supportive of the video players. 

   The live lounge app supports multiple internal video players. The MX player is an example of that 

  • All the contents are in excellent video quality.
  • The app is supported by subtitles.
  • Add your favorite items to the favorite section of the app.
  • There are more countries that are supported by the above live lounge app.
  • And it is supported by the many tv channels from other countries.

   The above are the all specific features of the live lounge app.

Live Lounge APK for PC

Now you can enjoy the live lounge APP from your windows and Mac PC very easily. It is a very easy task. For that, you need to install an android emulator like Nox player. We can recommend you Nox player for this process. Because the Live lounge app works fine with Nox player android emulator.

You can download Nox player from the official website very easy for Windows and Mac PC. After installing this Nox player to your PC you can download and install the Live Lounge app to your pc very easily.

FAQs of the live lounge app 

Q: What is the latest version of the given app? 

A: That is the 9.0.4

Q: What is the live lounge app? 

A: the live lounge is an app that provides you to watch live tv for free of charge 

Q: Is this app for free? 

A: yes, this is an app for free. You don’t need to pay for it. 

Then we have come to the end of here. I told you all the necessary details about the usage. If you think this is a worthy app for you, then start to work with the app from today onwards. 

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