Revealing different CVPS Valet Services

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Universal Parks and Resorts, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, heard about them? Well, CVPS Valet Solutions serves them and many more.

However, before we move on to reveal to you the different CVPS Valet Services, let us understand about automated valet services.

An automated valet parking solution is designed so as to make valet parking a revolutionary experience. With automated valet parking, just like CVPS, you can offer customers new and enhanced services, time savings as well as enhanced value products.

How are CVPS valet services different?

With a parking management application deployed at almost 800 client locations and that too in seven countries, CVPS valet parking management is one of the revolutionary software in automated valet services. Since CVPS has been working for a decade now, they understand the various elements of automated valet parking. From customers to employees and finally availing the service, CVPS understands the required guidance and transparency, thereby helping you to leverage your business.

Valet Services for Every Industry

Automated Valet Services like CVPS provides valet solution for every type of industries like

  • Hotels and Casinos
  • Hospital
  • Residential Facilities
  • Airports
  • Commercial Facilities

No matter whatever business unit you own, with automated valet parking software, you can serve customers with their parking needs.

What are some of the benefits of using Valet Software?

By using automated valet software, you can reap many benefits compared to a traditional valet system.

1. Ticketless System

By using valet parking software like CVPS, guests can receive an SMS text message with instructions when they park their vehicle. This eliminates the hassle of printing paper tickets. Also, every piece of information is thoroughly stored digitally, thereby relieving clients from the added tension of losing a piece of paper.

2. Kiosks

Most valet parking software like CVPS has an automated payment system and possesses kiosks to make payments easy for your customers. The kiosk is available 24/7 so that if someday your employee is not working, then with these kiosks, customers can pay accordingly.

3. Damage Claims

False damage claims will be out of the picture with CVPS solutions. Pictures are taken for each vehicle with date, time, ticket number, and locations, thereby enhancing protection for both customers and businesses.

4. Contactless Payment

CVPS offers Near Field Communication (NFC) payment technology. With options like Google Pay and Apple Pay give customers more payment options with a touchless environment.

5. Web-Based Validations

With automated valet parking solutions, CVPS provides

  • Compatible web-based or app interface.
  • Customized validations for multi-tenant/multi-store operations.
  • Easily set parameters through CVPS back-office software
  • Contactless operation

6. Hardware-friendly

With automated valet parking software, various gate arm and payment machines, weather-proof access control systems are also provided. Also, you can add additional hardware features as required. 

7. Operational Efficiency 

With automated valet parking systems, the effectiveness and productivity as a valet operator increase significantly, thereby enhancing your operational efficiency.

8. Automated Electrical Vehicle Charging

With automated valet parking solutions, you can automate the charging of electric vehicles whenever your customer wants, and the charged vehicle can then be maneuvered from the particular charging spot to a different spot, thereby making room for other vehicles.

9. Online reservation integrations

With automotive valet parking software, you can drive revenue opportunities and enhance your contactless environment. Reservation can be easily made by your customers as there is no requirement for cash to exchange tickets to handle. Also, with CVPS solutions, you can compute and collect for arrivals and late departures as well as additional integrations are also available with valet parking software.

10. Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

With an automated parking system, CO2 emissions are reduced by almost 80 % or more as with such software, the need for cars to drive and remain idle as searching for park spaces is eliminated. If you are someone who is into parking garage development, automated valet solutions will require less building materials, smaller excavation volume, shorter construction time as well reduction in construction disruption. Also, CVPS solutions provide the least expensive options for automated valet solutions, thereby providing you with cost sustainability.

11. Profitability

Generally, car parking and valet services have a bearing on the profitability of the business. However, with design flexibility like that of CVPS solutions, valet parking is not only feasible but also profitable, thereby enabling parking in those areas where conventional parking won’t be possible. Freedom of possible locations is enormous like ground, underground, etc., thereby giving you the essential leverage.

Summing Up

Valet parking solutions and that too with CVPS is one of the best valet parking software you will find in the market. Valet parking is made easy with CVPS solutions. So what are you waiting for? Revolutionize your valet parking solutions with CVPS today.

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