Is AWS The Right Career Option?

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Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most widely used and comprehensive cloud platform in the world, offers more than 175 fully-featured service options from over 150 data centers around the globe. AWS is used by many clients, including large companies and start-ups in rapid development, as well as government agencies, to reduce costs, increase agility, and innovate faster. 

Scope of AWS experts

AWS certification opens up many doors to a rewarding career. This certification will increase your credibility and help you to grow in your career.

  1. AWS Cloud Architect

AWS Cloud Architect connects directly with engineers as customers. It also provides an interface with technical management and partners. The cloud architect provides technical architectures and leads implementation efforts, ensuring that new technologies are being adopted.

  1. Cloud Software Engineer

Amazon Web Services offers incredible opportunities for software engineers who are proficient in Python, Ruby or JavaScript. AWS jobs are more likely to be offered to those who can design, develop and implement software systems or programs on the platform. The AWS certification online will allow you to demonstrate your software design and programming skills and make yourself stand out in the job market.

  1. Cloud Developer

Cloud developers are responsible to develop software solutions and applications for businesses. You can apply for various AWS roles if you have experience in software development and knowledge about the AWS platform. AWS certification can help you move up in your career as a cloud developer.

Cloud engineers are responsible for the development of software solutions and applications for companies. You can apply for many AWS jobs if you have experience in software development. AWS certification can help you move up in your career as a cloud developer.

  1. Cloud DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are those who have expertise in system deployment and network operations beyond the development of code. Different skills, combined with deep knowledge and practical experience on AWS platforms, can lead to different job opportunities. AWS certification can increase your chances of getting a job in the field.


How to pursue a career in AWS

AWS is a great option for IT professionals who are looking to advance their careers or those new to cloud computing. These are some of the most important ones.

Why AWS?

AWS is the most popular public cloud platform

AWS is the leader in public cloud computing. AWS quickly leads the public cloud computing market if you take IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) into account. Statista states that about 33 percent of the IaaS market segment is held by AWS, which is almost as much as that held by the next two leading providers combined (Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform). AWS’ market share is growing rapidly in other areas, such as IaaS. Its market share is also less than half that of SaaS (software-as-a-service).

AWS is the fastest-growing public cloud

AWS was the first public cloud service on the market in 2006. This gave it a seven-year advantage over its competitors. AWS has enjoyed the most rapid growth of any public cloud service since 2006, thanks to this advantage. It continues to show tremendous growth and is predicted to increase from 42 percent in 2017 to 52 percent by 2020.

AWS Jobs Demand Outpaces Available Professionals

In the public cloud job market, there are between six to 12 times more job postings available than there are job seekers, and 60 percent of these job postings are AWS-related. Employers in the United States, for example, say that it’s quite a challenge finding professionals with cloud computing skills in general. This will be the case for many years to come.

Cloud Computing is a must-have skill for IT professionals

Artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, in particular, will be the biggest driver for increased cloud computing adoption by 2020, according to Forbes. A majority of IT professionals believe that AI and machine learning will play a significant role in cloud computing adoption. AWS is the most widely used public cloud computing service by large and small organizations. Therefore, it is a must-know for IT professionals looking to secure their careers.

How to learn AWS

You now have solid reasons to consider a career in AWS. The next step is to learn how to acquire the knowledge, skills, and certifications necessary for AWS.

There are many AWS Learning Resources available: Make wise choices

A lot of resources have been made freely available since the introduction of AWS certifications in 2013. These include books, manuals, and courses, as well as AWS practice exams and AWS communities. All of these resources can be useful to those who want to grow and start their career in AWS. It is important to choose the right learning resource, as there are many courses. Some courses are better than others.

Budget, availability, and proximity to high-quality material are all important considerations. A well-respected and trusted institution with skilled tutors is the best way to learn AWS.

Acquire AWS Certification

After going through all of the material that you need, it’s also essential to attain AWS certification. AWS certification is a way to prove your competence and credibility. It will allow you to apply for the job you desire in the organization you choose. Employers can verify that you have completed AWS training and are capable of applying what you have learned on the job.

AWS certification also gives you access to the AWS Partner Network which provides professionals and their companies access to high-quality training materials and technical resources from Amazon.

Find the career path that suits you best

You have many options when it comes to AWS career paths. You can choose one of these two career paths to build the career you desire.

  • The Role: This includes cloud practitioner, operations, architect, and developer
  • The solution: Storage, machine learning, and AWS media services.

You can also choose to specialize in a specific area and validate your technical skills. These specialties include security, big data, advanced networking, and big data. Continue reading to learn more about the certifications you can earn for your AWS career.

AWS Certifications Available

AWS certifications and careers can be divided into four categories: Associate, Professional, Foundational, and Specialty. There are nine certifications that cover different roles under these four categories:

  1. AWS CLOUD LEVEL Certification
  • Certification: AWS Cloud Practitioner – Foundational
  • Scope: An introduction to cloud computing and a basic understanding of how AWS works.
  1. AWS ASSOCIATE LEVEL Certifications
  • Certificates
  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate
  • AWS SysOps Administrator Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate
  • Scope: A deeper understanding of AWS architecture, operations, and development
  1. AWS PROFESSIONAL LEVEL (two certifications)
  • Certificates
  • AWS Solutions Architect Professional
  • AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional
  • Scope: A deeper understanding of AWS architecture, engineering
  1. AWS SPECIALTY CORPORATIONS (3 certifications).
  • Certificates
  • Advanced Networking – A Specialty
  • Security – Specialty
  • Big Data – Specialty
  • Scope: A comprehensive understanding of AWS specialty areas

The Best AWS-Related Jobs Based On Certification and Job Type

According to the compensation analytics company Payscale, the average annual salary for a professional in the USA with the Amazon Web Services skill set is USD 103,000/-. AWS certification is the most lucrative IT certification in North America. The following are the top five AWS jobs, and the corresponding salaries, based on the same survey. It all depends on whether the accredited is professional or associate level.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

These candidates must understand and perform the following tasks in order to be successful in this job:

  • Building, designing, and maintaining cost-effective, scalable, highly available AWS cloud environments
  • Stay current with cloud computing news and recommend the most recent AWS toolsets

After training as an AWS Solutions Architect Associate, AWS freshers can earn up to $130,883 at the associate level and up to $148,456 at the professional level.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

These are the essential requirements for this job:

  • Candidates must be able to design AWS solutions that positively affect business.
  • Maintain servers, including debugging and patching as necessary

These professionals can make up to $137724.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

These are the essential requirements for this job:

  • Assist customers and engineers to provide technical and execution leadership
  • Make sure that new technologies are seamlessly integrated into customer environments

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Jobs can pay up to $130.883.

SysOps Certified Administrator AWS

They are responsible:

  • Provisioning, installing and configuring systems (virtual or non-virtual), as well as software and other infrastructure.
  • Building and maintaining reporting dashboards

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator jobs can pay up to $130.610

AWS Certified Developer

AWS developers are expected to:

  • Software services and applications that are enterprise-level can be built
  • Learn the most common cloud orchestration tools

These professionals can make up to $130.272.

You can also get other jobs with AWS certification skills.

AWS certifications are not only for Amazon-related jobs. However, AWS training will help candidates develop IT skills that can be used to obtain other IT jobs. According to Indeed, some of the top-paying IT certifications that AWS professionals may have access to based on their AWS skill set include:

AWS Skill Salary

  • DynamoDB $11,813
  • Elastic MapReduce, (EMR) $136.250
  • CloudFormation $132 308
  • Elastic Cache $125 625
  • CloudWatch $121,980
  • Lambda $121,481
  • Kinesis $121,429
  • Key Management Service $117.297
  • Elastic Beanstalk $114 219
  • Redshift $113.950
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